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With extensive expertise in the live broadcast environment and a diverse global client portfolio, we are proud to offer highly reliable and innovative products and services that cater to the challenging and fast-paced world of real-time operations & productions.

Astucemedia Centralized Data Suite

We power live data-driven graphics with our software, plugins and widgets

It is flexible, fast and precise. It brings your digital media to life. We built our own innovative data management platform to streamline the data-driven graphics workflow.

It integrates real-time finance, sports, weather, news, elections and social media data from multiple providers into a unified platform that can adapt data-driven graphics to your live broadcast or video stream.  Forget about complex scripts and data linking processes.

We’re smoothing things out to deliver live data directly to your graphics renderer via our plugins and easy-to-use request API.

A Fully Intergrated Modular + Centralized Suite

Our open platform is scalable in size and depth, and focused on efficiency and innovation.

It allows your team to customize and tailor the platform to their specific needs, like creating their own requests, control how the data is fetched from the databases and choose the best output format. 

This is made possible by our Data Platform API, which enables the abstraction of datasources to unify the communication between the modules and the databases, thus standardizing the data model to facilitate data consumption in graphs. With formatted data, ready to use and optimized for the graphics renderer, you add speed and flexibility to the workflow and ensure a reliable, streamlined experience.

streamline the data-driven graphics workflow

Our open platform is scalable in size and depth, and focused on efficiency and innovation

With our latest proven technology, we are the ones who set up the pace for the continuing innovation of broadcast & digital media.

Multiple Data Providers

Automated data acquisition from multipleproviders across any module, featuring support for live data feeds overTCP/UDP, Websockets, SDKs, files or API-based - integrated into the streamlined workflow.

Data Manager

Web-based interface for users to preview,moderate and configure Data Platform content. Create custom contentgroups, override display names, translations, and more.

Flexible API

A multi-format API over HTTP & TCP that can expose REST data or Query search with flexible filtering and can return JSON, XML, CSV, FlatJSON, VDF, or Vizrt’s Feed Browser.

Dynamic Request Engine

Extend the built-in Rest API with unlimited custom data sets and a centralized scripting engine for custom APIs written in C#, Python or Javascript.

Modular Content

Context specific modules and plugins allow the Data Platform to be tailored as needed – Configured to ingest, manage, schedule, and publish all incoming data feeds

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From data management to creative execution.

Our creative department possess a deep understanding of the challenges inherent in broadcast and digital media sector, allowing us to provide unparalleled solutions tailored to your unique requirements.We create and develop extraordinary and immersive graphic environment that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

From captivating visual designs to seamless integration of branding elements, our team is dedicated to ensure that your projects stand out and make a truly memorable impact. Partner with us and unlock the full potential of your brand through our unrivalled technological prowess and a wealth of creative expertise.

Fully centralized services to cover all your needs

Our creative services cover

With our creative services, you are sure to build a memorable and impactful graphic environment for your projects.

Channel branding & show opener

Our unique team is made of creatives who continuously push the boundaries, not only within our own selves but also with our clients. At Astucemedia - think outside the box is not just a part of the process: it’s how we grow, reach and exceed our full potential.

Virtual Set & XR

Our creative services involve designing and developing content and environment to provide users with engaging and realistic experiences within virtual, extended or augmented environments.

UI & UX 

Our user Experience (UX) services play a crucial role in creating user-centric and successful digital experiences. Our UX expertise aim to create products that are intuitive and user needs effectively.

Videowalls GFX

Our immersive videowall services combines interactive technology and multiple screens seamlessly tiled together to create a unified, immersive visual experience. Our technology is  used in various settings to provide an engaging and captivating visual experience for the audience.

On-air GFX

Our on-air graphics design services encompass the creation of visually stunning and dynamic graphics. Combining exceptional design skills, technical proficiency, storytelling prowess, and effective collaboration we deliver visually stunning, informative, and engaging graphics that elevate the overall broadcast experience.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Combination of our artistic vision, technical expertise, and user-centered design, we deliver compelling and immersive AR experiences with impactful and memorable experiences that captivate and engage viewers.

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